Harvest 2018: High in Quality and Quantity

Harvest season in DO Conca de Barberà ended with high yields and superb quality, similar to previous years

This year’s harvest in Conca de Barberà encountered a few more issues than initially anticipated.
In addition to a sudden and quick grape ripening, certain areas were met with unexpected mildew and European Grapevine Moths. Thankfully, neither of these issues caused any significant problems.

Some grape growers and wineries began harvesting in mid-August; however, those grapes were either made into cava or sold outside the region. Nonetheless, a mid-August harvest is still rather early and unusual in Conca de Barberà.
Winemaking cooperatives began their harvest between August 15th and September 1st. All Conca de Barberà wineries harvested an amount comparable to 2017, however, production has increased for some varieties and decreased for others.
For example, there has been a spike in the harvest of Red Grenache and Carignan. Rotting has not caused a problem and the vines are healthy.
As is customary, harvest began with Spring-blooming varieties, such as Chardonnay. Tempranillo and White Grenache came next, followed by Macabeu.
Light, isolated patches of hail near Solivella and Sarral caused a variance in the final harvested volume.
A dry, hot summer and recent rain have influenced the final yield, which is expected to exceed one million kilos.
This year’s grapes are healthy and have ripened well. Both wineries and cooperatives agree 2018 will be a great vintage.
Trepat, the grape variety native to Conca de Barberà, is rustic, hearty, and sure to be high-quality.
As is customary, Trepat was harvested at the end of October– after the other traditional grape varieties– to conclude the harvest season.
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