Introducing the Trepat Tour Route

Together with the Conca de Barberà regional tourism board, we here at DO Conca de Barberà are proud to unveil a new wine tourism initiative: Trepat Tour Route (La Ruta del Trepat).

Trepat, the grape variety native to Conca de Barberà, is at the heart of the Tour Route. This exciting initiative showcases the grape itself as well as the wineries that produce Trepat wine.

As we created the Trepat Tour Route, we considered wine tourism as any of the following activities: visiting vineyards and wineries, attending wine festivals, attending exhibitions that include wine tasting, or any other activity in which wine tasting plays a primary role.

The Conca de Barberà region offers many of these experiences, but what sets this area apart is Trepat, a wine that can only be tasted here.

We considered three main factors when creating the Trepat Tour Route:

  • Uniqueness:
    • Promote Trepat, a resource only available in Conca de Barberà.
    • Implement Family Tourism, organizing activities for children to do while their parents enjoy wine tasting or other aspects of a winery visit.
    • Highlight the unique landscape of our region.
  • Coordinating with private sector stakeholders such as DO Conca de Barberà wineries and “agro-shops” that sell local produce and other products.
  • Select tourism-based ideas so that wineries can offer specific ideas that are adapted to tourists’ preferences and can be carried out in a structured way — for example, a guided cellar visit plus tasting.

Participating wineries must meet these three criteria:

  1. Be a member of DO Conca de Barberà
  2. Make Trepat wine
  3. Offer at least one structured tourist activity

*** Because this initiative is still under development, new wineries and/or towns could join the Trepat Tour Route at any time.

Goals for the Trepat Tour Route

  • Create a wine tourism experience that stands out because it focuses on Trepat, a grape native to this region and the only one of its kind in the world.
  • Promote and increase wine tourism in the Conca de Barberà region.
  • Market DO Conca de Barberà wineries that make Trepat wine and offer structured tourist activities.
  • Promote and increase wine tourism in the Conca de Barberà region
  • Market DO Conca de Barberà wineries that make Trepat wine and offer structured tourist activities.
  • Promote “agro-shops,” purveyors of produce and artisan food products from Conca de Barberà.
  • Publicize active tourism as well as Conca de Barberà wine museums.
  • Promote stewardship of the land where Trepat is grown.

Trepat Tour Route Features

  • Stand out from existing tourism routes by emphasizing the availability of activities for children i.e., family tourism.
  • Encourage visiting mutliple wineries through incentive pricing (e.g., visit three wineries and earn a flat tasting rate). After visiting three wineries, the visitor will receive two bottles of Trepat from DO Conca de Barberà.
  • Include non-wine related organizations that contribute to the experience of drinking Trepat, such as “agro-shops,” museums, festivals, and active tourism
  • Showcase our region’s unique terrain by adding the label “Trepat Country” to local maps

Participating wineries currently include:

  • Agrícola de Barberà de la Conca
  • Celler Clos Montblanc (Barberà de la Conca)
  • Celler Carles Andreu (Pira)
  • Celler Mas Foraster (Montblanc)
  • Celler Rendé-Masdéu (l’Espluga de Francolí)
  • Celler modernista de Sarral
  • Vins de Pedra (Montblanc)
  • Celler Sanstravé (Solivella)
  • Costador Terroirs Mediterranis (Barberà de la Conca)
  • Gèrida Viticultors

Unveiling the Trepat Tour Route and publishing promotional materials is merely the beginning. New marketing campaigns for the Tour Route, some of which have already been described above, will continue to be developed in conjunction with the Conca de Barberà regional tourism board.

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