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Quality Control and harvests

The Regulatory Council applies rigorous quality control criteria when qualifying the vintage of wines protected by the Designation of Origin of Conca de Barberà. Each season, the different batches of wine produced by the registered wineries are subjected to official chemical analyses and tasting by an expert committee, which they must pass in order to obtain and hold the qualification of “wine with a Designation of Origin of Conca de Barberà”.

By means of a personalised magnetic ID card system for each wine grower, the Regulatory Council also controls the supply of grapes to each of the wineries producing wine with a Designation of Origin of Conca de Barberà, where a data collection terminal gather information about the owner, weight, variety, grade, acidity, etc. of the grapes.

At the end of each vintage, the Board of the Regulatory Council meets to decide on the overall qualification to be awarded to a given year’s harvest.
Collita Qualificació
1992 B
1993 B
1994 B
1995 B
1996 B
1997 B
1998 B
1999 B
2000 B
2001 B
Collita Qualificació
2002 B
2003 B
2004 B
2005 B
2006 B
2007 B
2008 B
2009 B
2010 B
2011 B
Collita Qualificació
2012 MB
2013 MB
2014 MB
2015 MB
2016 MB
2017 B
D: Deficient, R: Regular, B: Bona , MB: Molt bona, E: Excel·lent