Wine Tourism Conca de Barberà

We would like to invite you on a cultural journey on which you can discover and enjoy the exciting world of wine. Characterised by a beautiful landscape composed of vineyards, the incomparable region of Conca de Barber√† offers visitors an opportunity to discover an ancient winemaking tradition and an impressive heritage while enjoying excellent cuisine and a quiet rest in comfortable rural accommodation. 

La ruta del Cister

La ruta del Cister

The Cistercian Route is an area in Catalonia structured by three Cistercian monasteries: Santa Maria de Vallbona, the Santes Creus and Poblet. Santa Maria de Poblet is an architectural complex that is among the most important monastic monuments in Europe.



La ruta del Cister

Our region Conca de Barbera offers a wide range of accommodations: cottages, campsites, hostels, inns, hotels ... If you want to know more, please visit the website of the Regional Council of Tourism Conca de Barbera. You spend a pleasant stay.




La ruta del Cister

The Conca de Barbera restaurants offer a wide variety of dishes that have preserved cuisine inherited from generation to generation. The ideal accompaniment to the cuisine of Conca de Barbera, constitute wines and champagnes produced here.


Vinum Conca

La ruta del Cister

The store is located at the entrance of the monastery of Poblet.

And aims to present the wines and cavas of the region for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year moving to this Cistercian monastery.